Shop Soelberg's Online

Jul 25, 2022, 2:34:48 PM

Shop Soelberg's online with our personal shoppers today in 3 simple steps!

  1. Place your order - Shop your favorite items from your desktop or phone app.
  2. Let our personal shoppers shop for you! - Our personal shoppers will text you for any substitutions or additional items. We're also happy to receive special requests. Like if you prefer your bananas green or extra ripe, let us know in the notes when ordering.
  3. Pick up your order - Once your order is ready for pickup, your personal shopper will meet you at the contactless grocery pickup area.


Our Soelberg's Online service currently doesn't offer support for custom orders from a variety of departments. If you are in need of custom orders or catering from any of our departments, please call us in order to reach these departments directly.

Grantsville: (435) 884-5531

Stansbury: (435) 843-1702

Call the location you need an order from, and follow the directions to be
directed to a specific department.
Still need a customer order delivered? No problem! Just let us know when ordering over the phone, your custom order can be delivered by itself with a flat delivery fee added to the charge, or if you want to include it with a pre-existing Soelberg's Online order, direct our staff to which order and they can pass it over to our Soelberg's Online pickers. "