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Soelberg's Savers

Take advantage of more deals, giveaways and digital coupons by becoming a Soelberg's Saver! To become enrolled, ask any of our cashiers or guest services to 'quick-enroll' in our Savers Program. After that, you will earn points for your purchases simply by providing your phone number or Savers card during each transaction. You could earn up to $15.00 each quarter! (600-799 points = $5.00, 800-1199 points = $10.00, 1200-1499 = $12.50, 1500+ points = $15.00) You can also provide your e-mail address to access digital coupons, track your points and account preferences and receive e-mails for great deals! Remember to sign up in-store or contact us at to help you get started.

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